Make your team’s participation a success.

We hope that the following information will help you to stay organized, understand what is required of you as a team captain and most importantly, will allow your team to enjoy a fun-filled day of activities at our event.

While this is a one-day event, your team’s activities should begin now. We ask each team to fundraise for this event to support our charity. While our goal is to raise $1,200 per team entered, our hope is that each team will surpass that amount and make this event an even greater success. There are prizes for the top individual and team fundraisers, but the real reward is knowing that you helped the House of Sophrosyn’s new family bedroom and childcare room.


Here are some suggestions to jumpstart your team’s fundraising.

1. Car Wash

This idea always works. Start with your staff and event branch out to the entire community. You can even charge extra for waxing, vacuuming, and other perks. Just be sure the basic fee gives a good wash!

2. Challenge Your Management

Get your organization’s management on board to match your donations!

3. Company Breakfast

This will work almost any time of the year. Cook some eggs, make pancakes, and you can either have a topping bar, or charge different fees for different amounts of pancakes and toppings (or both).

4. Bake Sale

Consider adding a competition element by having staff from different departments each bake themed treats. Pick a high-traffic spot and whatever you do be sure to have actually good stuff for sale.

5. Dunk Tank

Why not charge a reasonable fee to get the boss dunked? This old staple of carnivals and company picnics is always a delight!

For more great fundraising tips, check out great article!


This checklist is designed to give you quick reference to the minimum activities you and your team should be undertaking to ensure your participation in Corporate Challenge is a success. Each item is explained in more detail on the pages that follow.

FIRST STEPS (Following your online registration)

 Like us on Facebook! Have your teammates like us too and remember we share a lot of info and run special contests for valuable time off
 Recruit 8-12 team members for your team (everyone must be 19+ years of age)
 Decide on a team name
 Choose a first mate (a co-captain to help you along the way) – this will help you manage your team


Invite all team members and volunteers to register and join your team (online here)
Create your team and personal fundraising pages


Decide if your team is going to fundraise on-line, use pledge sheets, hold a fundraising event, or all of the above
Set ambitious fundraising goals and monitor your teams’ progress (Note: $1,500 fundraising target for a team of 12 is only $125 each, many teams will set more aggressive targets)
Provide team members with resources required to fundraise properly (i.e. pledge sheets)


Decide on team uniforms to promote your company (typically t-shirts)
 Place your food order online
Decide if your team wants to have a tent as your home base and a place to eat and rest between games – if you do not have a tent you can rent one through an outside company (see FAQs below)
Delegate responsibility to team members for items required on event day
Keep in touch with your team members to ensure they are meeting their fundraising goals

CAPTAIN’S MEETING – May 10th at Walkerville Brewery

 Invite your co-captain and attend the info meeting where we reveal details and game info
 Plan a follow up meeting with your team to share


 Register your team members at the event site at Vollmer Centre Pavilion or The Job Shoppe office and pick up your wrist bangs and swag bags
Remind team members that they must sign off waiver and pick up wrist bands at Vollmer centre pavilion or TJS office
Communicate last minute information to your team


Arrive early (remember opening ceremony starts at 8am)
Collect all last minute fundraising from team members and submit all offline donaions to captains tent
 Pick up your itinerary to team members and distribute
Attend Opening Ceremonies at 8am
Get Ready for your first event
Remind team members to have fun!!!


Ensure your team is at each event early
Make sure your team gets home safely


Remit any outstanding fundraising to Windsor Corporate Challenge
 Share your experience with your organizations and thank participants
Provide us your comments, concerns and suggestions


Corporate Challenge teams are required to have 8 people at each event. While you may enter a team of 12 people, most teams will have  team members to allow for bathroom breaks, etc.

In addition to the 8-12 team members, each team may provide a minimum of two volunteers for the event. These volunteers will be used in various roles throughout the event (e.g. assisting at an event, selling refreshment tickets, parking control, etc.).

Our volunteer coordinator will contact your teams’ volunteers via email to ensure they are signed up for the volunteer activity of their choice. All volunteers will be provided with lunch, two refreshment tickets and a volunteer t-shirt; and will participate in a fun-filled day while helping our charity to meet its fundraising goals.

WCC recommends that you have 8-12 participants on game day.

Yes, you will be able to participate in all the game day events for WCC. Your schedule will have 10 predetermined slots of 15 minute breaks to allow your team to rest, stay hydrated and eat.

The entry fee is used to offset the costs of running Corporate Challenge (i.e. event costs, tent rentals, equipment rentals, waste containers, port-o-potties, security, police, volunteer lunches etc. etc.). All net funds including any balance of the team’s entries fees, all funds raised on event day (i.e. food sales), and 100% of the monies fundraised by the teams participating in Corporate Challenge go directly to a local Windsor Charity. Not one penny will go to waste nor do any monies associated with this event go to any other source. All members of the Corporate Challenge Committee are volunteers and are providing their time and efforts at no charge.

The entry fee is used to offset the costs of running Corporate Challenge (i.e. event costs, tent rentals, equipment rentals, waste containers, port-o-potties, security, police, volunteer lunches etc. etc.). All net funds including any balance of the team’s entries fees, all funds raised on event day (i.e. food sales), and 100% of the monies fundraised by the teams participating in Corporate Challenge go directly to a local Windsor Charity. Not one penny will go to waste nor do any monies associated with this event go to any other source. All members of the Corporate Challenge Committee are volunteers and are providing their time and efforts at no charge.

If you have participated in WCC before we recommend telling your team members about your first-hand experience and all the fun you had! If this if your first year participating, we recommend that you show your team our poster, send out emails to keep your team members engaged, and set up meetings to keep track of your fundraising goals.

There are a variety of events you will be participating in on game day. Some of the events are physical, some will challenge your mind, and some involve water!

If one of your team members cannot attend, you can simply register another member to your team for game day.

You add additional team members by visiting the WCC website and registering them. This must be done before game day, as these new members will need to sign off on waiver and get their wrist band.

We’re sorry to see you go but we understand. Even with the best intentions sometimes our plans do not come to fruition. We will take care of removing your team from our registration database.

As for the registration fee….  you can transfer your registration fee to a donation and a charity tax receipt will be issued OR if you withdrawing your team 30 days prior to the event we can issue a refund cheque. Please advise which option your team would prefer.

If you would still like to participate in the event, we can always use extra volunteers. If you are interested, please let us know.

This is not a goodbye but a see you soon. Hopefully, your team will sign up for next year’s event.


WCC sets a minimum donation amount to ensure that the selected charity will receive enough funds to complete their goal.

You can drop your donations off at the WCC headquarters, 12137 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh On, N8N 1M2

Donations are collected online through RaceRoaster and each team members profile page. Printable forms are available to download following these questions.

WCC can act in your place to deliver your donation to the selected charity.

  • Windsor Corporate Challenge will provide your receipt for the registration fee.
  • The charity will issue receipts for online donations via email for all donations over $25.00 within 1 month of the donation.
  • The charity will issue recipes for day of cash donations via email for all donations over $25.00 within 2 months of the event day.


  • Swag bag
  • Wrist band
  • Final waiver

You are required to pick up your participant kit and sign the waiver to legally be allowed to participate.

  • You can pick up your participant kit the week leading up to event from 8am -5pm Monday to Thursday and 8am-4pm on Fridays, at The Job Shoppe, 12137 Tecumseh Rd. E., Tecumseh On, N8N 1M2
  • If you are unable to visit The Job Shoppe, you can pick up your kit the day before the event from 8am to 7pm at the Vollmer Complex, 2121 Laurier Pkwy, Windsor, ON N9J 0B4
  • If each one of the over 1500 participants decided to pick up their participation kit on the day of the event, there would be an extreme delay. This would affect start times, schedules, and ultimately the whole day.
  • If you have a special circumstance, please contact to arrange a pick up time for your participation kit the day of the event.

No because the final waiver involves crosschecking ID as this is a licensed event and participants must have their wrist band applied by a WCC member

The wristbands are required to verify that you are 19 years of age. Because the Windsor Corporate Challenge is a liquor licensed event, you must be 19 years of age to take part.


You can place your order between May 10th and June 11th.

Due to fire regulations, you cannot bring a barbeque onsite. We prefer that you purchase food from our onsite vendors either with your team’s pre-order or during the designated lunch break onsite. All proceeds from food sales go towards the charity.


Come prepared to have fun and get dirty. We suggest that team members bring running shoes, towel, sunscreen, hat, change of shoes/clothes for the end of day and anything else they may feel necessary for an outdoor event.

WCC will take place rain or shine! Please check your local weather station the day of your event and bring the appropriate protective clothing.

Your event schedule will be available to download from the website the day before the event. You will also be provided a paper copy of the schedule on event day.

The online app will be available the day before the event begins.

The Vollmer Complex has an outdoor washroom facility.

Yes, first aid will be on site for the entire event day.

The opening ceremony typically involved an introduction of the event, a word from the House of Sophrosyne and a quick warm-up session with Kersey Kickboxing.

The Windsor Corporate Challenge does not provide lockers for the event. Your personal belonging are best left in your locked vehicle or with someone you trust in your tent space.  Windsor Corporate Challenge does not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

Every team is provided with a 10×10 space for your team. These spaces are marked and a map is provided to team captains prior to the event day. Please note that organizations with multiple teams may have a combined space. Please email with any special requests.

Windsor Corporate Challenge does not provide tent rentals. Please try one of the vendors listed below.

Each team is provided with a team number and designated tent spot at Vollmer. Teams can set up their tent onsite at their designated spot either the day before the event from 10am to 7pm or the day of before 7:30 am. Please note that Windsor Corporate Challenge will have an overnight security team onsite to ensure the safety of event equipment.

The Vollmer Complex offers several parking lots for team member to utilize. Please note that Vollmer Complex will have its own regularly scheduled activities occurring on our event date and therefore parking is first come first serve. We recommend carpooling with your team members.

You are more than welcome to bring your company’s branded vehicle however it must be parked in the general parking lot. Teams are not allowed to bring any vehicles (branded or not) onto the grass or tent area – this is for everyone’s safety.

Winners are announced at the end of the day after all the events have finished. You can keep track of your score by using the WCC event app.


We had a fantastic Captain’s Meeting at Walkerville Brewery, and the full presentation is now available here.

Download Presentation


With McDonald’s sponsoring breakfast, and great choices for lunch from sponsors including Armandos, Xaco Taco and Bread Meats Bread, your team will love our food options even more this year!

Download the order form here. Online ordering coming soon!